Although it’s true that installing ballast dependent (or Plug’n’Play) LED T8 tubes is a great investment and you can drastically reduce your lighting energy costs, it’s important to not limit yourself and continue to be chained to the maintenance costs of your ballast for years to come. It’s true, Ballast Dependent LED T8 tubes install very quickly, do not require any re-wiring, and provide over 50% energy savings in minutes. What you need to be aware though before choosing to purchase a T8 LED that is ONLY ballast dependent is:

• It does not work with all ballast types, and may not work with your ballast. If the LED tube is not compatible with your ballast, you would then need to replace your ballast in addition to the T8 LED tube. In the case of an older facility, there may be many different type of ballast installed, where some may work and others may not.
• The ballast don’t last as long as the LED tube, so even though you are buying an LED tube with 5 year warranty and 10+ year life expectancy, you can plan on replacing your ballast in that time period, driving up future maintenance costs.
• The T8 LED tube won’t work without the ballast, so you are forced to continue buying and replacing ballasts as long as you have an LED tube that is ONLY ballast dependent.

LED Hawaii 12w and 15w T8 Tubes are DIRECT WIRE or BALLAST COMPATIBLE

LED Hawaii 12w and 15w T8 Tubes are DIRECT WIRE or BALLAST COMPATIBLE

LED Hawaii has the solution for you. Our 4’ T8 LED tubes are both Ballast Compatible OR Direct Wire, so the same T8 LED Tube can be installed in seconds today, and when the ballast fails in the future you can by-pass the ballast and direct wire the tube saving you considerably in future ballast and maintenance costs. Or you can bypass all your ballast at the time of initial installation, and not have to worry about the future maintenance costs and inconvenience of changing the ballast ever again.

Our tubes are UL Listed, and qualify for Instant Rebates from Hawaii Energy. As an authorized Hawaii Energy Distributor, LED Hawaii can take the instant rebate right off your purchase price. Call us today at 808-306-7873 or email, we currently have container sale pricing on 12w and 15w 4’ LED T8 tubes that are both ballast compatible and direct wire, proving to be the best LED T8 solution for you both today and into the future. We look forward to working with you.

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