LED Vapor Tight High Bays: Introduction, Types, Benefits, and Applications Discussed

Nowadays, LED vapor tight high bay fixtures are gaining popularity because they are known as one of the most durable and efficient lighting solutions in the market. These fixtures are specifically designed for illumination in harsh industrial environments. These fixtures are suitable for high ceiling installations and due to vapor-tight design, they offer security against moisture and other industrial hazards. These light fixtures are used in multiple industrial setups. This post introduces you to these lights, their types, benefits, and applications.

What are LED Vapor Tight High Bay Fixtures?

As said before, LED vapor tight high bay fixtures are designed for high ceiling illuminations. These fixtures are suited for ceilings over 18 feet of height. As, these fixtures offer illumination over the wide area, which makes them suited for large spaces like warehouses, as well as tall ceilings. The reliability of these fixtures is enhanced by using sealants and gasket to protect from moisture, corrosion, dust, etc.

Types of LED Vapor Tight High Bays

These LED fixtures are often linearly installed yet their types differ according to protection ratings used. The ingress protection ratings printed on these fixtures will help you understand which environments they are built for:

  • IP65: This type of LED vapor tight high bay is protected against dust and moisture produced by the nozzle.
  • IP66: This type is protected against powerful jets of water.
  • IP67: This type is protected against water submersion for a specific time under a specific temperature.

Top 5 Reasons for the Popularity of LED Vapor Tight High Bays in Industrial and Commercial Applications

The LED vapor tight high bays are slowly replacing other forms of lights in industrial and commercial applications due to the following reasons:

  1. In these lights, a vapor-tight sealing is created by including a gasket seal between the housing and lens. This sealing protects the light from rain or other harsh elements such as corrosive fumes, moisture, and so on.
  2. It is seen that in regular industrial lighting systems, the wires that are left exposed to environmental elements may lead to serious consequences like the explosion of the fixture. However, LED vapor tight fixtures to help avoid this issue altogether.
  3. LED lighting technology assures better lighting quality in terms of color temperature, color rendering, lumen output, and so on.
  4. Being a vapor-tight solution, there will be no accumulation of dirt, debris, and moisture on the lens, which looks clean at all times. This also helps improve the aesthetic value of the place.
  5. LED lights possess long shelf life than other regular light fixtures, which makes them lasting, and virtually maintenance-free.

Applications of LED Vapor Tight High Bays

These LED fixtures perform excellently under the extreme low and high temperatures. This makes these fixtures suitable for many commercial and industrial applications. The applications of these LED fixtures are listed as follows.

  • Cold Storage: These LED fixtures perform excellently in extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, they are used in cold storage. Refrigerated storages are often susceptible to condensation and heat dissipation. That is where the vapor factor of these LED fixtures resolves the problem. Since cold storages have low compatibility with electronics maintenance, these fixtures make a suitable choice with 50000 hours of continuous life span. The replacement equivalent, color temperature, etc can be considered while selecting these fixtures for cold storages.
  • Parking Garages: Parking garages may involve indoor or outdoor facilities, the lighting system is exposed to natural sunlight, and other environmental elements like wind, snow, rain, etc. Due to durability and high reliability, these LED fixtures are used in parking garages.
  • Brewery: In breweries, the temperature fluctuates during the beer production. The breweries also experience moisture and CO2 build up. Moisture, dust, and CO2 can potentially damage the lighting system. However, LED vapor tight high bays are immune to moisture and CO2, therefore, they are used in breweries.
  • Food Processing Plants: Food processing plants experience immense heat and smoke. High-temperature fumes and smoke can damage the lighting systems badly. LED vapor fixtures are certainly immune to high temperatures, therefore, can be used in the food processing industries.

However, if you intend to install an LED Vapor Tight High Bay illumination system for any of the mentioned applications, then you must source it from the experts. E2 Lighting USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. The company offers slim tri-proof LED vapor tighter high bay lights in different wattages. You can get various types of RoHS compliant and UL and ETL classified products at E2 Lighting USA.

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