What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Light Fixtures?

The demand for efficient and reliable lighting solutions has tremendously increased in recent years, owing to various reasons. These solutions not only help secure home and surroundings, but also can change anyone’s mood, and it can also make us feel comfortable and relaxed. More to this, lighting affects our color perceptions, as well as textures, and manipulates the overall look and feel of a space. Thus, choosing the correct lighting fixtures for any space is important. However, choosing the right light fixtures isn’t easy as it may sound. There are various things to be considered while making a selection.  This post highlights a list of do’s and don’ts that you need to take care of while selecting a lighting fixture for any space.

Lighting Fixture Do’s

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of choosing light fixtures, it’s always a good idea to pick up with the things you should know before.

  • Make an Organized Plan: Before you start searching for the perfect lighting fixtures, you need to make an organized plan of steps such as the type of light that may work for certain rooms, the style or size of fixtures required, the type of use – regular, occasional, or intermittent, and so on.
  • Take the Room Measurements: Knowing all vital dimensions of the room such as the length of the room and length of the ceiling from the foot of the wall will aid in making the right decision. For instance, if you have a low ceiling, it is always better to choose a semi-flush mount or flush mount fixture for your room. Along with this, you need to consider the wiring possibilities of the ceiling when choosing light fixtures.
  • Know the Measurements of the fixtures: The dimensions such as width, height, and weight are the key consideration when choosing the lighting fixtures. There are possibilities that you may like diverse aesthetically appealing fixtures and may later find they are either too small or too big for the intended area. Along with these dimensions, it is important to ensure that fixtures have proper lighting support. You can also cross verify specifications of these fixtures with other important information such as electrical wiring and layout.
  • Know the Mounting Options: The fixtures can be installed in different ways. They can be installed inside the ceiling or they can be mounted on a pendant or suspended. It is important to consider how the fixture will be mounted.
  • Use a Combination of Light Fixtures: You can lit a room using different types of fixtures. However, you need to do extra planning to bring out the desired effect. For instance, you can use overhead fixtures to illuminate the ceiling. You can also use can lights, accent lights, or other wall scones to highlight different areas of the room.

Lighting Fixture Don’ts

There are certain things to avoid when choosing light fixtures for your room. They are as described below:

  • Avoid Too Much Overhead Lighting: Although overhead lighting plays a key role in enhancing the safety of the room and sprucing the aesthetics of interiors, avoid overdoing it anytime. The presence of too many fixtures in the area may cause confusion. However, you can support the overhead lighting with other task lighting fixtures to get the desired illumination.
  • Don’t Choose Style Over Function: Today, it is easy to find light fixtures in various trendy styles. These styles perfectly address the changing aesthetic trends. When choosing the fixtures, it is important to select the ones that strike a perfect balance between trend and function. What is the use of choosing a fixture, which cannot adequately light up your room?
  • Don’t Forget to Add Dimmers: Avoiding dimmers can be a bad idea because they help filter the light perfectly.

All the mentioned tips will help you in choosing the right lighting solution for your office, home, or industrial facility. If you looking for the right lighting fixtures for your area, then make sure you source them from reliable and industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers with all required certifications like E2 Lighting USA. The company is a renowned distributor of high-quality and environmentally-friendly LED Lighting fixtures. LED Hawaii proudly serves as a wholesale distributor for E2 Lighting USA.

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