What are the the Popular Types of LED Wall Packs for Outdoor Lighting?

Wall Pack Lights (or “exterior building lights”) are the most widely used commercial outdoor lighting fixtures that help to provide safety and security around your facility. These high-performance, durable, and reliable LED lighting solutions are great for schools, public areas, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Wall packs offer the advantages of providing even lighting around the grounds, whilst also producing bright illumination even in harsh environments. These lighting solutions, which are maintenance-free, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional fluorescent lighting solutions, are available in several types. This post lists a few amongst the commonly used types of LED wall packs.

3 Types of LED Wall Packs

LED wall packs, which are commonly mounted on the exterior walls of buildings, are of superior-quality and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting solutions available in the market today. The most commonly used types of LED wall packs include:

  1. Non Cut-off Wall Packs: Offering up to 77% energy savings, these luminaires combine the look of a traditional wall pack with the benefits of LED.  Featuring heavy-duty cast aluminum housing with polyester powder coating, these types of LED wall packs create safe, and brightly lit outdoor environments. Offering 50,000 hours lifespan, non cut-off wall pack performs well even in harsh environments containing rain, snow, and sleet.
  2. Full Cut-off Wall Packs: Designed to provide a downward light distribution, these types of LED wall packs offer zero uplight and low glare at high angles. Manufactured to stand up to many years of harsh environmental conditions, they deliver exceptional lumen output and energy savings. These wall packs, which are an excellent replacement to HID wall packs, are a suitable solution to illuminate parking garages, building entrances, educational institutions, among others.
  3. Rotatable Wall Packs: As the name suggests, these wall packs are designed to provide lighting upwards, downwards or both on a wall mount. Ideal for alleys, loading docks, doorway, pathway lighting, these rotatable wall packs are known for their elegant industry design and simple and clean structure. These kinds of LED wall packs are great additions to poorly lit outdoor areas and are easy to install and operate.

Rather than these basic designs, LED wall packs are available in stylish models that contribute to enhance the aesthetics of buildings. The lights can also be customized as per your demands. Would you like to source any of these models to provide energy-efficient LED lighting to your outdoor spaces. Get the right model from E2 Lighting USA, who is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality LED lighting solutions in the market today. LED Hawaii proudly serves as a wholesale distributor for E2 Lighting USA.

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